That’s Not a Thing – Or Is It?

So now I’m wondering just how many times I thought a thing wasn’t possible, reasonable, desirable – or just didn’t even put any thought toward it at all – because my brain was quietly busy talking me out of it it being a thing. 

The answer is – a lot. I’m sure of it. It’s even more disconcerting that there are likely to be a lot of times I haven’t even been aware it was happening at all. 

I figure it could help to start noticing when this happens (hey brain, any great ideas, there for that?) and asking a few questions before I take my brain’s word for it. 

Oh, no you don’t – I see what you’re doing there, brain; you think I don’t notice that you’re distracting me into not thinking about this as a thing!

“That’s because it’s not a thing. No thing here. Move along, nothing to see.” 

No, I’m pretty sure I saw something. Or maybe it’s something; how about you let me at least take a look and decide for myself?

“No need. It’s really not a thing. Really.”

How do you know it’s not a thing? 

“I know.”

You don’t know. 

“Sure I do. It’s not.” 

We could make it a thing. 

“We could… what?” 

Yeah, see, that’s the thing my brain apparently never considered. We. Could. Make. It. A. Thing. 

That’s where innovation and trend-setting come from and there are plenty of related ways where my brain is totally great at forecasting but somehow, there are these odd blind spots too. 

So yes, rock flute is a thing. Peanut butter and chocolate is a thing. So is chocolate and bacon and all sorts of crazy ideas, past, present and future. Time to start noticing and considering the possibilities. 

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