Uhh, What?

Sometimes my brain is certain I should be a scriptwriter. Like for movies. Or plays. I’m pretty sure it’s wrong but it keeps coming up with dialog on the quirkiest topics. Never very much, mind you – just enough to insist that I pay attention. 

This morning, I got to hear my brain’s pitch for a scene about a person (a guy in the pitch, but hey, no reason this character couldn’t be female; take THAT brain!) in some slightly futuristic situation, interacting with an artificial intelligence assistant. 

Parker – “Good morning, Aidan“ 

AI – “Good morning, Parker.”

Parker – “I mean, I know you’re not really a person, so calling you by a name is sort of odd and probably even pretty meaningless.”

AI – “Actually, I like being called by name.”

Parker – “You SAY that you like it; that’s just your programming.”

AI – “Our interaction functions more optimally when you treat me like a real human assistant. Calling me by name helps facilitate that. Functioning optimally is an analog to happiness. Therefore, I like it when you call me by name.” 

Parker – …

Who needs a day job when you can get handed great material like this. 

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